29 Companies Awarded $242m for Worldwide Expeditionary Supplies & Services

29 companies were awarded a ceiling priced $121,000,000 multiple award of firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contracts to provide worldwide expeditionary supplies and services to support humanitarian and disaster relief, military exercises, and contingencies.

The contracts will run concurrently and will include a five-year base performance period, with one five-year option, with individual requirements performed under task orders when specific dates and locations are identified.

If the option period is exercised, the total estimated value of the contracts combined will have a ceiling value of $242,000,000.

The base period will begin July 2021 and is expected to be completed by June 2026; if all options are exercised, the performance period will be completed by June 2031.

Work will be performed in 22 geographic regions: North America; Caribbean and Bermuda; Central America; South America; Middle East; Bahrain; United Arab Emirates; Africa; Eastern Europe and Western Asia; Western Europe; Mainland Asia; Japan; Indian Ocean; Sri Lanka; Australia and Oceania; Pacific Islands; Philippines; Indonesia; Malaysia and Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam; and Southeastern Asia.

Due to the fact that the specific requirements cannot be predicted at this time, more specific information about the percentage and where the work will be performed cannot be currently provided.

  • Amentum Services Inc., Germantown, Maryland (N62649-21-D-0007)
  • American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier Group Inc., Parsippany, New Jersey (N62649-21-D-0008)
  • Bahrain Fujairah Marine Services W.L.L., Adliya, Bahrain (N62649-21-D-0009)
  • Crowley Government Services Inc., Jacksonville, Florida (N62649-21-D-0010)
  • DaeKee Global Co. Ltd., Busan, Republic of Korea (N62649-21-D-0011)
  • DFS Technical Services LLC, Annapolis, Maryland (N62649-21-D-0012)
  • Disaster Management Group LLC, Indiantown, Florida (N62649-21-D-0013)
  • Downie Jones Ship Stores, Bulimba, Queensland, Australia (N62649-21-D-0014)
  • Downie Jones Ship Stores Limited, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong (N62649-21-D-0015)
  • Global Defense Logistics SRL, Constanta, Romania (N62649-21-D-0016)
  • Global Maritime Logistics Support Inc., Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines (N62649-21-D-0017)
  • Horizon Strategies LLC, Winston Salem, North Carolina (N62649-21-D-0018)
  • JT Square Pte. Ltd., Singapore (N62649-21-D-0019)
  • KVG LLC, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (N62649-21-D-0020)
  • Meridian Global Consulting LLC, Mobile, Alabama (N62649-21-D-0021)
  • Multinational Logistic Services Limited, Gziza, Malta (N62649-21-D-0022)
  • OPS Corp., Busan, Republic of Korea (N62649-21-D-0023)
  • Qube Ports Pty. Ltd. (dba Qube Government Services), Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (N62649-21-D-0024)
  • Relyant Global LLC, Maryville, Tennessee (N62649-21-D-0025)
  • Shipping Consultants Associated Ltd., Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom (N62649-21-D-0026)
  • Seabulk Logistics Services, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (N62649-21-D-0027)
  • Stirling Advanced Logistical Services, Amman, Jordan (N62649-21-D-0038)
  • TechTrans Intl., Houston, Texas (N62649-21-D-0028)
  • Toll Remote Logistics Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (N62649-21-D-0029)
  • TranLogistics LLC, Miami, Florida (N62649-21-D-0030)
  • US21, Inc., Fairfax, Virginia (N62649-21-D-0031)
  • Vantage International Partners LCC, Destin, Florida (N62649-21-D-0032)
  • Vectrus Systems Corp., Colorado Springs, Colorado (N62649-21-D-0033)
  • Waypoint LLC, Brookings, South Dakota (N62649-21-D-0034)