ACC-RI Extends 7 LOGCAP IV Contracts until LOGCAP V Awards

This past week, LOGCAP IV bridge modifications were approved. U. S. Army Contracting Command – Rock Island (ACC-RI) is extending these seven task orders until it awards and transitions to new contracts under LOGCAP V.

Contractor  Contract No.  AOR
DynCorp Intl W52PIJ-07-D-0007-0006 INDO PACOM GCC
DynCorp Intl W52PIJ-07-D-0007-0007 NORTHCOM GCC
Fluor W52PIJ-07-D-0008-0014 AFRICOM GCC
KBRSI W52PIJ-07-D-0009-0010 EUCOM GCC
KBRSI W52PIJ-07-D-0009-0007 Iraq – OIR
Fluor W52PIJ-07-D-0008-0005 Afghanistan North
DynCorp Intl W52PIJ-07-D-0007-0004 Afghanistan South
Fluor W52PIJ-07-D-0008-0015 SOUTHCOM GCC

Interesting comments from the request for modications:

“Market Research: The Government conducted extensive market research for the competitive LOGCAP V requirement. Responses to the Request for Proposal were due in December 2017, and ACC-RI received multiple offers, which are now under evaluation. Based on this response, it is apparent there are many interested parties who could eventually perform these services. However, due to the complexity of these critical services and the dire need for continuity of these services until award of competitive contracts, KBRSI, DI, and Fluor are the only contractors who can execute the mission now without degradation or loss of services.”

Current market research and contract experience indicates any of the three contract holders could provide the necessary services in any of the geographic locations required.”

Actions to Increase Competition: LOGCAP V proposals are under evaluation and ACC-RI anticipates award in April 2019. ACC-RI will conduct Task Order competitions under LOGCAP V using fair opportunity procedures. “