ManTech Awarded $816m to Provide Technical Solutions to Protect Personnel Life Safety and Security in Diplomatic Posts

ManTech International Corporation announced an $816 million contract with the U.S. Department of State to provide wide-ranging electronic and physical security countermeasure programs that will safeguard personnel supporting State’s mission, both overseas and domestic.

Unique for its range of scope and the span of engineering and technology innovations deployed, the multi-year agreement designates ManTech to deliver omnipresent, round-the-clock technical security in an era of rising terrorist threats.

“This is about protecting lives,” said Daniel J. Keefe, president and chief operating officer of ManTech’s Mission Solutions & Services Group. “We are eager to support the Office of Security Technology in order to meet the needs of Diplomatic Security and protect personnel life safety and security while keeping pace with new and evolving threats.”

The U.S. Department of State operates more than 275 posts outside the continental United States. ManTech will help reduce vulnerability and ensure a safe working environment for U.S. government employees, Foreign Service nationals, and other agency personnel assigned to or visiting a post.