2021 Halftime Report – PTS Industry Update (LOGCAP V, DiPPS, DLA, USAID, etc.)

Jake Frazer, CoFounder / President of Precision Talent Solutions and member of the ISOA Board of Directors recently posted an article about the contracting industry. I have excepted information about LOGCAP V by permission.


2021 Halftime Report – PTS Industry Update (LOGCAP V, DiPPS, DLA, USAID, etc.)
Published on June 8, 2021

LOGCAP V: Over 2 years since the award in April 2019, we are finally seeing major realignments across the LOGCAP landscape.

CENTCOM: The transition between Vectrus and KBR is underway in Iraq and expected to be completed this summer with KBR’s LOGCAP team leaving Iraq for the first time since 2003.
Afghanistan: After ramping up to transition Afghanistan, KBR received a stop work order in April for its transition with Fluor and DynCorp. 9 years is a long time for LOGCAP V, so will be curious if KBR will ever go back to Afghanistan?

INDOPACOM: The transition between Vectrus and DynCorp/Amentum continues to be delayed due to base access restrictions in Kwajalein Islands related to COVID, and this is expected to commence later in 2021 with full transition in early 2022. Meanwhile, there are smaller projects emerging in southeast Asia associated with Defender 21 and some logistics work.

SOUTHCOM: PAE is finalizing its transition with Fluor in Honduras which makes up the bulk of the current activity for LOGCAP in SOUTHCOM. However, this market could evolve as US interests increase south of its borders.

AFRICOM / EUCOM: The respective incumbents (Fluor and KBR) have completed their administrative transitions.

NORTHCOM: KBR has completed its transition with DynCorp/Amentum at the National Training Center (NTC) at Ft. Irwin and will continue to support the vehicle maintenance mission at that site. There have also been support requirements for COVID over the last year.

The next phase for LOGCAP V will be for new contingency work that comes up within each COCOM. Will Rock Island put these out for bid to all 4 primes? From a talent perspective, the delay in transition has allowed the HR teams to get prepared, but we expect that there will be surges and new work that creates more opportunities for our candidates. PTS continues to build warm pipelines of both US Expat and Foreign National talent to support all of the Primes.