Amentum CEO John Vollmer Interviewed by Washington Business Journal

Amentum CEO John Vollmer was interviewed by Washington Business Journal on November 26th, and talked about the recent PAE acquistion.

Here are some excerpts:

What about PAE’s portfolio drew Amentum’s interest?

The Department of State is their single biggest client, and it’s part of the market that we are not meaningfully engaged in. From a client standpoint, the biggest ones are Department of State, NASA and the intelligence community. And they really match up well with what we have. They are really complementary. From a capability base, they are also bringing us synthetic training, sensor-based technologies, additional spectrum and electronic warfare, cyber — really rounding out some of the things that we do on a smaller scale.

Given the current war for talent in Greater Washington, what’s Amentum’s playbook for employee retention following the PAE acquisition?

Communication, communication, communication. From a top-down, I will just say fairness and honesty. Honesty to the workforce of what we are going to do. We tell the workforce what we are going to do, and we actually do it. In DynCorp, we ended up with a very nice mix of Amentum and DynCorp leaders moving forward, which works out perfectly because you get the hearts and minds of both organizations still.

Biggest current challenge:
Normally, I would say the integration of PAE, but I’m going to change it up a bit because I am very comfortable that we can get that done. It’s the vaccine mandates. We’re just pushing 80% vaccinated, so we are not a whole lot different than our peers or the communities that we work and live in. Losing 10% of our workforce is going to be catastrophic. It’s not going to work. It won’t work for this country, it’s not going to work for our company.