Defense Companies Warn About Losing Employees Due to Vaccination Mandate

For the DZJ annual report, of those who said they were still working in contracting, 68% reported that there company had instituted a Covid 19 vaccination requirement.

This fits with news out this week about defense companies ramping up hiring because of the situation.

According to multiple sources, defense companies are preparing to lay off thousands of employees who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine before the Dec. 8 deadline.

Some companies are already hiring new employees in anticipation of workers walking off the job or being fired because they refuse to comply with last month’s executive order that the employees of federal contractors be vaccinated.

“We are proactively increasing our hiring now in anticipation that we may have some loss of workers and we are ensuring that we have training and skill building programs in place once we bring those new employees into the workplace so they can get productive and efficient as quickly as possible,” Northrop Grumman CEO Kathy Warden said Thursday during the company’s quarterly earnings call.

Raytheon Technologies chief executive Greg Hayes said in a CNBC interview Tuesday: “So, we’re going to be faced on Dec. 8 with a choice. We’re going to potentially lose several thousand people who refuse to be vaccinated,” Hayes said. “Now, this is a tough thing, but we are preparing for it.”

The company, which issued a company wide mandate requiring vaccination by Jan. 1, has already begun hiring people to fill the upcoming vacancies, Hayes said.

Eleven states with Republican governors are challenging the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors between two lawsuits filed on Thursday and Friday.