PBS NewsHour Features Janus Global Operations Clearing Mosul of ISIS-emplaced IED’s

On October 18, PBS NewsHour featured Janus Global’s work in Mosul, Iraq, on behalf of and funded by the U.S. Department of State, to clear thousands of improvised explosive devices (IED’s) planted by ISIS throughout the city. Janus began its IED clearance operations in Iraq in the spring of 2016, beginning in Ramadi, and has since expanded further into Anbar, as well as Nineveh, and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

These operations play a pivotal role in facilitating access to critical infrastructure across Iraq related to the provision of electricity, clean water, transportation, manufacturing, and education. Once cleared, these facilities can be safely repaired and begin providing the services needed to support refugees and internally displaced persons as they return to their communities and begin to rebuild.

In the PBS report, entitled, “The battle for Mosul is over, but this hidden ISIS danger could lurk for years,” correspondent Marcia Biggs reported: “Janus has already cleared 727 buildings, removing 3,000 IEDs, which they say ISIS was producing on assembly lines at an industrial scale.”

Biggs toured Mosul with a Janus Global team leader, who explained to Biggs how Janus focused on installations critical to Iraqi’s return to their city, such as Mosul Technical Institute, which had been used by ISIS as a bomb-making factory. The report shows the wreckage of this prized institution. “Our priority is community . . . infrastructure,” he said. “You have [first to get to] schools, power, sewer, water, so that the area can accept people back into it.”

Janus Global is building capacity as it conducts clearance operations by first training Iraqis to conduct survey operations. When an Iraqi crew locates an IED, Janus experts eliminate the threat. Over time, Janus’ Iraqi partners will assume these roles themselves.

Biggs concluded her report with this exchange with the Janus team leader:
PBS: “So the Janus team is focusing on progress in the rest of the city, building by building, bomb by bomb.”
JGO: “Whoever made this device had a set goal. And to allow him to win, people get hurt. So you kind of compete to be better than him to take it out before it can do any harm.”
PBS: “So, you feel like you’re winning the battle against ISIS?
JGO: “Yes, one IED at a time.”

The full story can be viewed at https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/battle-mosul-hidden-isis-danger-lurk-years