Pentagon Publishes Covid Vaccine Memo Related To Contractors

On November 15th, the Pentagon publicly published a memo dated October 29, Force Health Protection Guidance (Supplement 23) Revision 2 – Department of Defense Guidance for Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination Attestation, Screening Testing, and Vaccination Verification.
Of interest to the contracting community:

In accordance with references (b), (c), and (d), DoD civilian employees are now required to be fully vaccinated by November 22,2021, subject to exemptions as required by law. For purposes of this guidance, “DoD civilian employee,” includes foreign nationals employed by DoD outside the United States, to the maximum extent possible while respecting host nation agreements and laws. It also includes DoD civilian employees who are engaged in full-time telework or remote work. DoD contractor personnel and official visitors must attest to being fully vaccinated and, if not fully vaccinated, present the results of a recent negative COVID-19 test as a condition of physical access to DoD buildings and DoD-leased spaces in non-DoD buildings in which official DoD business takes place (referred to jointly in this memorandum as “DoD facilities”). For purposes of this physical access requirement, “contractor personnel” are those individuals issued a credential by DoD that affords the individual recurring access to DoD facilities, classified herein as “credentialed recurring access” (CRA) (e.g., Common Access Cardholders). Service members who are not on active duty and who also are DoD civilian employees or DoD contractor personnel must follow the applicable requirements in this memorandum for DoD civilian employees or DoD contractor personnel, as the case may be.

The latest DoD Guidance is found at: