Vectrus, Inc. Acquires Advantor Systems Corporation

Vectrus, Inc. has acquired Advantor Systems Corporation, a leading provider of integrated electronic security systems to the federal government.

Deployed at over 2,000 client sites worldwide, Advantor’s security solutions protect tens of thousands of facilities and assets. A leader in its market with a strong track record of organically growing its client portfolio, Advantor is the only vertically integrated and accredited Command, Control, & Communications (“C3”) networked security technology platform in the industry.

Advantor is one of only three companies whose systems meet the U.S. Air Force’s Integrated Base Defense Security System requirements that span the full range of protection levels and extends to core mission protection, including flight lines and readiness missions.

Today, Advantor’s security solutions are deployed at all Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command bases and a majority of the U.S. Army Reserve Command bases. Additionally, Advantor serves over 50% of the Continental U.S. major base locations for the Air Force and over 50% of the Joint Base Commands are using the company’s ASN solution for base-wide security.

Advantor possesses a significant presence in the INDOPACOM area of responsibility, being the sole source exclusive provider of integrated C3 networked services to the U.S. Forces Korea as well as the security provider of choice for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program with Japan’s Ministry of Defense. “This expands Vectrus’ client and geographic footprint, allowing for greater cross-selling opportunities,” said Chuck Prow, president and chief executive officer of Vectrus.

Advantor’s clients include the U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, U.S. Forces Korea, and Japan’s Ministry of Defense. The company has a presence in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Korea, Caribbean, Japan, and Western Asia.