How to Find Overseas Contractor Jobs in the Middle East, Pacific Rim, Africa, Europe, & Other Places Faster

Finding overseas contracting jobs is difficult and there are no shortcuts to getting hired. Following a proven strategy with easy to use tools will definitely speed up the process.

Here’s what you need to do and how Danger Zone Jobs can help you (like we’ve helped more than 30,000+ members since 2005).

Whether you’re new or an experienced contractor looking for jobs in places like Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other high-risk overseas locations, you’ll face four challenges:

  1.  Finding job leads, hidden jobs and the companies with contracts that hire your job field.
  2.  Staying current on what’s happening in the overseas contracting industry.
  3.  Keeping up to date on new and pending contracts, which can lead to job opportunities.
  4.  Applying directly to companies the way they want you to.

⇒Danger Zone Jobs helps you with all four.

I really like You’ve got a good concept, and do it well. The collection of articles is excellent, and your focus is perfect.

Evan Lesser
Director –
a Dice Company

Finding job leads, hidden jobs and the companies that hire your job field

There are basically two strategies for finding jobs.

First, you find out which companies hire your job field and be in their system so they find you before they post the job somewhere else.

Danger Zone Jobs has a simple way to help you with that. We go through 200+ overseas contracting companies and determine what they hire. Then you can quickly browse a list of 160 job fields and see which companies need your focus.


Once you pick the companies, you are taken directly to their profile pages maintained with a wealth of information to make things fast.


Danger Zone Jobs is one tool for your overseas job search, but we want to make it the most important one.

Thumbs Up…

I’m a person who likes to follow things to the source. I had the same questions many of you did about Danger Zone Jobs.

So, first I invested in a subscription and then recently on my travels to Kuwait I had the pleasure and opportunity to meet and talk extensively with the owner and editor. I give a thumbs up to both the web site and it’s originator/owner, William Beaver.

Lyle Hendrick
former SF officer, two-tour private security contractor in Iraq, current Security Manager for Fluor, and a consultant to various companies on security and reconstruction issues.

“Your site is excellent – in today’s market I would imagine it’s doing well.”

Tony Scotti

Staying up to date on industry news

Several times daily I check various sources for contracting information, updates and news important to members, and then post the important stuff in one place for your convenience. This includes:

  • Company Mergers/Sales
  • Company News
  • LOGCAP & AFCAP Developments
  • Working Overseas
  • Money, Taxes and Insurance
  • Current Work Conditions
  • Casualties
  • Crimes and Investigations
  • Future Outlook of Contracting
  • Lawsuits
  • New Regulations, Laws and Government Oversight

How many international high-risk jobs are available? This site [] offers an idea, displaying high-paying jobs in Iraq and other countries, and in various fields including security, operations, intelligence, linguists, engineering, construction, mechanical and transportation.

PBS Frontline
Website and television documentary on private military contractors

Staying up to date on new and pending contracts

Every work day at 5pm, the Department of Defense publishes contract awards that are $7 million or greater. We review all of them and immediately post those that affect overseas contractors.

We scan company websites daily for any new press or investor releases on awarded or upcoming contracts.

We review daily contract protests published by the Government Accountability Office and post those affecting overseas contractors.

Every week, we also post combat zone related Contract Bids, Requests for Expression of Interest, Awards, Supplements and Amendments that have been publicized for the previous week, including CENTCOM AOR, Iraq, Kuwait and others, from various agencies.

Greetings from Fallujah. I wanted to say hello and let you know I admire your work on Danger Zone Jobs. I own The Red Zone!, and I have added your blog to our list.

Russ Shattles EOD Technician, PSD Operator
The Red Zone!

Applying to companies the way they want you to

1. You’ll save tons of time with the one-stop job search tool, a convenient means for searching various job engines for danger zone openings, plus the employment pages of over 200 different company websites. One click is all it takes.

2. Imagine the time you’ll save every week because we check and then highlight the companies that currently have overseas jobs posted on their sites.

 “Can’t you find parts of this information free somewhere else?”

Yes, definitely. All basic raw information is free if you are willing to trade enough time to discover it.

We collect and edit some of the best information, advice and sources around, and present it to you in a way that you can quickly deal with and act on.

There are bits and pieces of it in dozens of different websites.

And, if you care to spend the hours daily looking for it, you can get most of it free.

But is all that free information really free?

The first thing you need to consider is the amount of time and effort spent tracking down the information you’re looking for.

Your leisure time is important. The last thing you want to do is waste it in front of a computer trawling through hundreds of pages and emails trying to find some usable information.

We process all that “free” information into something you can use, saving you tons of time.

Can you spare hours everyday to do the same? Now you don’t need to.

If you are truly up for the adventure, this is a good place to look. There is a fee for access to the member area, but this includes job listings, company profiles, and the like. There is a good amount of free info you can review before pulling out the credit card, including many articles, so you can make a very informed decision about joining.

The Riley Guide
The Internet’s original career information resource

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