What is Danger Zone Jobs? Is it Just a Job Board?

William Beaver – President

DangerZoneJobs.com started in January 2005, both to offer a site that would help busy contractors with their job search, and more importantly, to provide a place where you are taken seriously, providing news and information to help you with working overseas.

I spent 16 years in Kuwait, from 1992-2008, part of the time as co-owner of a subcontractor that supplied various services to both the US military and the contractors supporting them.

This experience gave me an extensive understanding of the problems faced by the men and women who accept overseas jobs and the challenges they go through to work abroad.

To help you find overseas contracting jobs faster, DZJ uses a proven strategy.

1. Help you identify the companies that hire your particular job field overseas.

2. Help get you into their applicant tracking system properly, so they can find you before they post jobs somewhere else.

3. Help you find jobs that are posted around the web by these companies and bring them into one place so that you can search them easily.

4. Help you stay informed about contract awards and other industry news that may offer job opportunity leads.

5. Provide a community where you can comfortably network with others.

To achieve this, as a DZJ member you’ll have:

Time-saving tools, updates and resources you need to find overseas contracting jobs faster, updated daily since 2005.

Networking with fellow members on the discussion forum with 23,000+ others.

Daily updates and weekly member only emails including contracts awarded and out for bid, plus industry news you need to know.

300+ companies that hire for overseas contracting jobs followed with the latest news and direct links to their hiring process.

Regular updates of which companies have overseas contracting jobs posted on their site right now.

Professional resume writing specifically for the contracting industry.



Thumbs Up…

I’m a person who likes to follow things to the source. I had the same questions many of you did about Danger Zone Jobs.

So, first I invested in a subscription and then recently on my travels to Kuwait I had the pleasure and opportunity to meet and talk extensively with the owner and editor. I give a thumbs up to both the web site and it’s originator/owner, William Beaver.

Lyle Hendrick
former SF officer, two-tour private security contractor in Iraq, and now a consultant to various companies on security and reconstruction issues. Recently featured in New York Times Magazine.


“Your site is excellent – in today’s market I would imagine it’s doing well.”

Tony Scotti


How many international high-risk jobs are available? This site [dangerzonejobs.com] offers an idea, displaying high-paying jobs in Iraq and other countries, and in various fields including security, operations, intelligence, linguists, engineering, construction, mechanical and transportation.

PBS Frontline
Website and television documentary on private military contractors


Greetings from Fallujah. I wanted to say hello and let you know I admire your work on Danger Zone Jobs. I own The Red Zone!, and I have added your blog to our list.

Russ Shattles – EOD Technician, PSD Operator
The Red Zone!


I really like DangerZoneJobs.com. You’ve got a good concept, and do it well. The collection of articles is excellent, and your focus is perfect.

Evan Lesser
Director – ClearanceJobs.com
a Dice Company


If you are truly up for the adventure, this is a good place to look. There is a fee for access to the member area, but this includes job listings, company profiles, and the like. There is a good amount of free info you can review before pulling out the credit card, including many articles, so you can make a very informed decision about joining.

The Riley Guide
The Internet’s original career information resource


A valuable, easy to use resource for the Hot Zone job hunt…

I would like to begin by saying that his site is very easy to find by virtue of it’s name. The site in my opinion will attract a wide gamut of potential employee’s seeking High Risk High Pay jobs, ranging from skilled professionals to adventurers, and braggarts.

Irregardless of site users this site provides an invaluable resource by combining hiring notices and hiring information in one site. Bill has built and orchestrated this site to assist in finding gainful employment in hot zones around the globe.

The layout of the site once a membership is purchased is very straight forward and still requires the users to search and comb the site for companies providing employment. As in anything else you have to be aggressive in obtaining solid and gainful employment, this site supplies the company profiles and links to career contacts for specific companies.

You have to be aggressive when using this site, Bill will provide you with the information and you have to do the best you can with it, the site is not here to find you a job it’s here to assist you by providing informational resources.

Bill spends a tremendous amount of time and resources to obtain the information for his site, not to mention the cajoling he has to do with representatives of the companies on his site.

Only you can determine if the price is worth it that may lead to your dream job or another contract. If you spend the money to subscribe to Bill’s site and you land a $150K contract then the money was well worth it, if not then you may feel differently.

Either way the Danger Zone Jobs .com web site is a valuable, easy to use resource for the Hot Zone job hunt! In my opinion I would highly recommend Danger Zone Jobs. com as a resource for the booming international job market.

Frank Sellers
Secure Aspects .com