3rd Quarter FY 17 Contractor Census Numbers Increase

During 3rd quarter FY17, USCENTCOM reported approximately 42,412 contractor personnel supporting DoD in the USCENTCOM AOR, an increase of approximately 176 from the previous quarter.

This report provides DoD contractor personnel numbers for 3rd quarter FY17 and includes data on DoD contractor personnel deployed in Afghanistan (Operation Freedom’s Sentinel), Iraq (Operation Inherent Resolve), and the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) area of responsibility (AOR).

Operation Inherent Resolve (Iraq) Summary

Contractor Posture – Iraq: Of the 10,136 contractors supporting U.S. Government operations in Iraq, approximately 4,485 contractors are directly supporting DoD-funded contracts. This is a 15% increase over last quarter, due to an increase in the demand for Logistics/Maintenance and Transportation contractors.

The distribution of contractors in Iraq by mission category include:
Base Support 795 (17.7%)
Construction 431 (9.6%)
IT/Communications Support 206 (4.6%)
Logistics/Maintenance 1,546 (34.5%)
Management/Administrative 246 (5.5%)
Medical/Dental 14 (.3%)
Other 72 (1.6%)
Security 404 (9%)
Training 29 (.6%)
Translator/Interpreter 373 (8.3%)
Transportation 369 (8.2%)
Total: 4,485

Operation Freedom’s Sentinel (Afghanistan) Summary

Contractor Posture – Afghanistan: Approximately 23,525 DoD contractors supported operations in Afghanistan during 3rd quarter FY17, a decrease of 5.5% from 2nd quarter FY17. Local Nationals comprise 22.2% of total contractor force; 18,309 US/TCN remain to redeploy. Security concerns have led to a decrease in hiring of local national contractors. Pending Force Management Level decisions may drive an increase in contracted support requirements thus increasing contractor footprint.

The distribution of contractors in Afghanistan by mission category are:
Base Support 3,398 (14.4%)
Construction 1,946 (8.3%)
IT/Communications Support 847 (3.6%)
Logistics/Maintenance 7,813 (33.2%)
Management/Administrative 1,698 (7.2%)
Medical/Dental/Social Services 105 (.4%)
Other 252 (1.1%)
Security 3,734** (15.9%)
Training 800 (3.4%)
Translator/Interpreter 1,519 (6.5%)
Transportation 1,413 (6%)
Total: 23,525

A total of 1,695 Private Security Contractors (PSCs) were supporting USCENTCOM operations in Afghanistan as of 3rd quarter FY17, of which 449 were U.S. Citizens.