4th Quarter FY2020 Contractor Count Decreases by 5,128

During 4th quarter FY20, USCENTCOM reported approximately 43,809 contractor personnel supporting DoD in the USCENTCOM AOR, a decrease of approximately 5,128 from the previous quarter.

This report provides Department of Defense (DoD) contractor personnel numbers for 4th quarter Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) and current status of efforts underway to improve management of contractors accompanying United States (U.S.) Forces. It includes data on DoD contractor personnel deployed in Afghanistan, Operation Freedom’s Sentinel (OFS); Iraq and Syria, Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR); and the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) area of responsibility (AOR).

Operation Inherent Resolve (Iraq & Syria) Summary

Contractor Posture: Approximately 4,826 DoD contractors directly supported DoD-funded contracts in Iraq and Syria. This is a decrease of 26.3% from 3rd quarter FY20.

The distribution of contractors in Iraq and Syria by mission category are:

  • Base Support 1,033 (21.4%)
  • Construction 367 (7.6%)
  • IT/Communications Support 236 (4.9%)
  • Logistics/Maintenance 1,815 (37.6%)
  • Management/Administrative 256 (5.3%)
  • Medical/Dental/Social Services 10 (0.2%)
  • Other 39 (0.8%)
  • Security 96 (2.0%)
  • Training 5 (0.1%)
  • Translator/Interpreter 550 (11.4%)
  • Transportation 419 (8.7%)
    Total: 4,826


Operation Freedom’s Sentinel (Afghanistan) Summary

Contractor Posture: Approximately 22,562 DoD contractors supported operations in Afghanistan during 4th quarter FY20, a decrease of 12% from 3rd quarter FY20. Local Nationals comprise 22.5% of total contractor force; 17,495 US/TCN remain in Afghanistan. The decrease is attributed to continued troop reductions and base closures.

The distribution of contractors in Afghanistan by mission category are:

  • Base Support 2,963 (13.1%)
  • Construction 1,517 (6.7%)
  • IT/Communications Support 698 (3.1%)
  • Logistics/Maintenance 7,543 (33.4%)
  • Management/Administrative 1,429 (6.3%)
  • Medical/Dental/Social Services 77 (0.3%)
  • Other 275 (1.2%)
  • Security *4,164 (18.5%) (including *1,813 Armed Private Security Contractor personnel)
  • Training 1,093 (4.8%)
  • Translator/Interpreter 1,228 (5.5%)
  • Transportation 1,575 (7.1%)
    Total: 22,562

DoD Private Security Contractor Personnel in Afghanistan

A total of 1,813 Private Security Contractors (PSCs) personnel were supporting USCENTCOM operations in Afghanistan as of 4th quarter FY20.

  • U.S. Citizens – 456
  • Third Country Nationals – 1,153
  • Local/Host Country Nationals – 204
    *These numbers include most subcontractors and service contractors hired by prime contractors under DoD contracts.


From the DoD Contractor Census Report:

Host nation border access and restriction of movement continue to impact USCENTCOM contractors across the AOR, specifically in Kuwait. In response to COVID-19, and as part of ongoing refinement to Kuwait business practices tied to Combatting Trafficking in Persons initiatives, Kuwait has begun implementing more restrictive visa processing protocols.

• Approvals for work visas for new deploying contractors have been extremely limited while currently deployed contractors have been unsuccessful overall in renewing expired work visas.

• The USCENTCOM Operational Contract Support Integration Cell (OCSIC) continues to coordinate with USCENTCOM Security Cooperation and the Unites States Embassy Kuwait on these concerns.