18 Companies Awarded Combined $960m for Counter-Narcotics & Global Threats, Operations, Logistics and Training Support Program

  • Next Evolution Logistics Solutions, Durham, New Hampshire (FA489023D0001);
  • Resicum International, LLC, Warrenton, Virginia (FA489023D0002);
  • Cambridge International Systems Inc., Arlington, Virginia (FA489023D0003);
  • Culmen International LLC, Alexandria, Virginia (FA489023D0004);
  • Fluor Intercontinental Inc., Greenville, South Carolina (FA489023D0005);
  • Patriot Group International Inc., Warrenton, Virginia (FA489023D0006);
  • PAE Applied Technologies LLC, Arlington, Virginia (FA489023D0007);
  • Obera LLC, Herndon, Virginia (FA489023D0008);
  • Advanced Engineering Solutions and Services LLC, Bel Air, Maryland, (FA489023D0009);
  • AOC Program Solutions LLC, Chantilly, Virginia (FA489023D0010);
  • Chimera Enterprises International, Edgewood, Maryland (FA489023D0011);
  • HTGS-Culmen JV, Herndon, Virginia (FA489023D0012);
  • BFS Solutions LLC JV, Hume, Virginia (FA489023D0013);
  • BL-ACADEMI JV LLC, Lakeside, Montana (FA489023D0014);
  • LRG Service LLC JV, Anchorage, Alaska (FA489023D0015);
  • Commonwealth Trading Partners Inc., Alexandria, Virginia (FA489023D0016);
  • SGI Global LLC, Alexandria, Virginia (FA489023D0017);
  • and Weaponize LLC JV, Austin, Texas (FA489023D0018)

have been awarded a combined not-to-exceed $960,000,000 multiple award, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for the Counter-Narcotics and Global Threats, Operations, Logistics and Training Support program.

This contract provides for services, equipment, material, training support, products, minor construction, repair services, and other items as authorized by statute and regulation to meet national security objectives and improve the capability of the United States and partner nation agencies’ endeavors to detect, deter, disrupt, degrade and defeat national security threats, including those posed by illegal drugs, trafficking, piracy, transnational organized crime, threat finance networks.

Performance locations under this contract shall be required both within the U.S. and outside the continental U.S. (OCONUS), with the vast majority of work occurring OCONUS.

OCONUS work may include dangerous areas including theaters of operations, combat zones and partner nations.

Efforts under the scope of this contract will be completed on or before March 14, 2032.