Is Danger Zone Jobs a Scam?

First of all, many of the posts that come up around the web about being a scam are related to an article we posted in 2012 called Details of an Overseas Jobs Scam. If you read the article exposing a “international background report” racket and the comments, you can understand why the individual(s) concerned have since published so many completely false accusations on different fake sites, attacking DZJ, me and my family.

Ok, so back to the main question.

I can also understand why people are worried about spending their hard-earned money online. And usually when someone asks this, it turns out that it’s because they don’t clearly understand what DZJ is or does.

But to keep it simple, DZJ is not a scam. Yes, there is a one time fee to join, and I think the hard work I put into the site makes it a very good deal, especially if you use the site over many years.

But if you don’t like the site, if you think it’s not for you, there is a 30-day full money back guarantee that I honor immediately and without questions.

Another reason I think some people call DZJ a scam is that they think everything on DZJ can be found somewhere else online for free.

So what about the idea that everything’s available free somewhere else?

I asked the members in our forum:

I wanted to ask a question since you’ve all paid to become members. How would you answer someone who said to you “Don’t join DZJ! It’s a scam! All this information is available for free on the web!” ?

Of course, I get emails with a lot worse in them. Sometimes I think to myself, “you always have the option of not joining, so why get so nasty about it?”

I think we have a good thing going here at DZJ, especially here in the forum. I’m always looking for find new ways to add value to the site, and I still kind of take it personally when someone says or writes this. I’ve made DZJ my job, which is to help others find their job. Why should that service be free?

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have the time.

And thanks for being members! Bill

Here are some of their responses, exactly as written:


Can you get some of this info on the net sure, but it cuts a crap load of time by having companies highlighted that are hiring. I have 4 offers and due to leave next month, I got the info from this site. I have learned invaluable information from operators that I would have never gotten anywhere else. It is worth the 49, I think the ones that have really vulger things to say could not get picked up any way and blame it on DZJ.


The value is the information AND networking potential. I have made contacts here that have proved to be INVALUABLE. It took time and searching, (2 years worth) but I made it back before the end and don’t plan on leaving this time around. Actually I’m looking for more “long term” opportunities as we speak.


If not for this site I would have not gotten the op that I have now to go back over to Iraq before it is all over there and thanks to I got my start in contracting overseas…I use to spend hours searching the web and for example I didn’t know who KBR was til I got here…..thanks!!


How can this be a scam? I like being able to come to one place to see the news of contracts and other things. I have learned a lot about contracting in Iraq and Afg since I have subscribed.

I wish the forums were a little more active. But, not a scam for sure. As a matter of fact, I just seen a bunch of jobs for my prime contracting company on the jobs section. I didn’t even know they were advertising for jobs in Afg. The “Companies that are hiring” document is great. I’d like to see some more of those on a weekly basis. No complaints here.


I can see how you could take it personally but in my opinion people like this are basically mad at the world and have nothing better to do then try to start trouble for others…if this site was a scam why would there be people using it and being active members for years….I personally owe my career as a contractor to this site and the people on it….KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!